Tours with UAZ

Of course traveling by bike on Vormsi island is undeniably the best way but it might not be the best choice of travel for everyone. Whether there are small children in the family or there are complications with physical form then we can offer you a great alternative. We offer you a small road trip with Soviet Union era truck UAZ which were used in the military. We can guarantee that you will get a taste of a real car if you choose to travel by UAZ trucks.

UAZ rental with driver:

SVIBY-KROG        20€
SVIBY-HULLO        20€
SVIBY-RUMPO        30€
SVIBY-DIBY          35€
SVIBY-NORRBY       30€
SVIBY-BORRBY       45€

Any other case the price is 35€/h, additional fee for guide is 35 €/ h.

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